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Why do you do Stampedes?


I believe that driving is one of the most uniquely thrilling and satisfying experience of mankind.  I love to drive curvy and scenic roads; it is one of my greatest passions.  When it comes to cars and driving, there is nothing I enjoy and look forward to more than planning road trips, both short and long, on the most thrilling, challenging, and scenic country roads across Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, the Carolinas, and Tennessee, and driving my sports cars like they were designed to be driven.

I greatly enjoy sharing this passion with like-minded driving enthusiasts through driving events that I organize.  The camaraderie that we've experienced during every one of these driving adventures has blessed me with some of the best friends and memoires I could've asked for.


I would like to support this event.  Do you accept sponsorships and donations?


Yes, sponsorships and donations are welcomed and gladly accepted.  Please contact The Tourmaster to discuss the kind of support you have in mind.


What is included in my Stampede registration fee?


Your fee includes an amazing driving experience for all participants in one vehicle (vehicle is not included, and the registration fee might be higher if you have more than one passenger).  Also included are all hotels and lodging, dining (excluding lunches on rest days) and drinks (excluding alcoholic drinks), luggage van to transport luggage and other permitted items (if a luggage van has been assigned to the trip), placement of your luggage in your personal room before arrival at each destination, private parking at every destination, overnight vehicle security, professional photographer to capture our best moments, separate support vehicle following our group, all park entry fees, all taxes and gratuities, dedicated gallery for photos and video, detailed drivers notes and maps, and memories of an unforgettable road trip.


I registered but I can't make it.  What now?


You are welcome to transfer your registration to another driver or driver & passenger.  If we get more registrations than expected, then we will gladly refund your registration fee if you like, but please note that some fees for special requests or non-refundable items may not be refunded. Please read the Terms & Conditions page for all the details. 


What is the dress code?


Please see item #11 in the Participant Guide for a complete answer to this question.


Is airfare or auto transport included in the price?


No, the tour price does not include airfare or auto transport because our adventurers come from all parts of the U.S., Canada, and the rest of the world.


Will I need to pay for anything while I am on the Stampede?


The Stampedes are all-inclusive tours with participants paying only for miscellaneous costs such as gasoline, snacks, and personal items purchased during the trip.  All the benefits included in each Stampede are clearly outlined on each event page.  If there is a rest day during the Stampede, lunch may need to be paid by the participant unless there is a pre-planned location for the group to dine together.  Another expense that is not included in the price is the cost for parking and speeding tickets.


Where is the Technical Inspection form?  Where do I have to get the inspection done?  Why is an inspection necessary?


The Technical Inspection form will be provided to you by The Tourmaster after your registration is complete.

You can have the inspection done and the form completed at any shop of your choice as long as it is done by a qualified mechanic.  Completed forms will need to be submitted to The Tourmaster either in advance of the tour or at check-in at the event.

The Technical Inspection is to ensure that your car is road-worthy, in excellent mechanical condition, and ready to endure the stresses of a challenging and lengthy run.  The Technical Inspection form is primarily a preventative measure to ensure your safety and the safety of those driving near you.  It is also a means to limit liability to The Tourmaster, staff, event volunteers, and club and corporate sponsors.  Each Stampede generally takes place far away from large cities and service shops.  The inspection is a preventative measure to identify and correct potential issues which could become problems during the Stampede and cause a partial or complete breakdown of your vehicle.  It is least necessary for brand new cars but even new cars can develop problems.  You never know what can break on your car at the worst time.  You will be glad you had it done after you experience a Stampede.


Can we drive as fast as we want to?


No, absolutely not.  We will be driving on public roads, not a close circuit track.  It needs to be very clear to all participants that the organizers of this event request, encourage, and advise all participants to obey all traffic laws and posted speed limits at all times.  Please see the answer to the next question for additional understanding on this topic.


Is this a race?  Are there prizes?


No, absolutely not.  Our driving tours are meant to be gatherings of driving enthusiasts who appreciate their cars, love driving their cars the way they were designed to be, and enjoy taking in the beautiful views of the countryside God has blessed us with.  The safety of the participants and the general public is of the utmost concern to The Tourmaster.  Let it be clear that: The Stampede is not a race.  There are no prizes for whoever goes faster or reaches the destination first, second, third, or whatever.  No reckless, out-of-control, irresponsible, dangerous, or threatening driving will be tolerated by The Tourmaster.  No driving that puts other drivers at risk of harm will be tolerated by The Tourmaster.  No racing, drifting, drafting, close-following, burn-outs, or sliding will be tolerated by The Tourmaster.  If you want to engage in any of the above behavior, do not even consider attending a Stampede.  All complaints from and concerns expressed by tour participants will be taken seriously by The Tourmaster.  If there is validity to any of the complaints or concerns expressed, The Tourmaster will privately issue a warning to the offending driver(s).  If there is a repeat of any offense by the same driver(s), The Tourmaster will ask the driver(s) and their passenger(s), if any, to leave the tour and will also tell the other participants of his decision.  Drivers who are asked to leave will be banned from participating in all future events.


What is the quality of the roads?


The Tourmaster pays special attention to road surface quality and has strict criteria for which roads are included each tour's route.  He absolutely hates bumpy road surfaces, road debris, loose road surface materials, and roads in poor condition because he doesn't want our cars damaged in any way.  All roads are asphalt roads; we will never travel on non-asphalt road unless absolutely necessary due to the uniqueness of a situation or destination e.g. a special lodge, a short driveway or a short section of a much longer road which is temporarily under construction.  When possible, he will always choose a smooth hotmix surface over a less smooth and louder chip seal surface.  The Tourmaster makes the best effort to choose the nicest and cleanest roads.


What should I do to prepare for the Stampede?


Please review and follow the recommendations outlined in the Participant GuideThe Tourmaster will also provide specific suggestions and recommendations prior to the event.


The Participant Guide states that bringing a radio (walkie-talkie) is required.  What type of radio is required?


The most common radios are the Motorola two-way radios that operate on the Family Radio Service (FRS) channels and are sold at almost every electronics store.  There is no need to invest in anything expensive as even the most basic ones do the job.  The Motorola Talkabout FRS radios are the most popular.  The key is that the radio work on FRS channels, not General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) channels.  Some radios work on both which is fine as long as it works on FRS channels.

If you already have a set of radios, please bring the second one, too, to share with someone who does not have one.


What recommendations do you have if I want to record video during the drive?


It is The Tourmaster's opinion that the single greatest factor in the usability of video recordings is how firmly the video camera is mounted to the car.  (The second is resolution but that is becoming less of a technical barrier).  If the image is even slightly shaky, it is usually unenjoyable.


That's a long drive.  Should I bring a passenger to split the driving?


Well, that's completely up to you.  Many drivers who the Raging Bull do so without any navigator or second driver.  That said, The Tourmaster highly recommends you bring a navigator/second driver.  A second driver has many benefits: It allows you to focus your complete attention on driving and having fun while the navigator keeps track of where to make turns (it takes skill and can be dangerous to do both tasks when you're completely focused on driving).  Also, if you switch drivers, it allows your buddy to enjoy riding the Raging Bull and allows you to take a break, watch how your buddy rides the Raging Bull, and enjoy the scenery.


Will there be stops for gas during the Stampede?


Yes.  Gas stops will also serve as restroom breaks and chances to hang out with the group.  Many drivers will complete a full day of driving with only one tank of gas.  There will be gas stations near our stop for lunch and morning an afternoon breaks.  We will stop at a gas station at the end of each day so that we're fueled up and ready to go the following day.


I am picky about the gasoline I put into my car.  Do you stop at gasoline stations with name brand gasoline?


Yes, absolutely.  The Tourmaster is very selective about the brand and quality gas he puts into his car.  He designs driving routes so that gas stations are readily available and only those gas stations which meet the TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline standard (which is the premier standard for gasoline performance) are used.  This standard -- which was developed by BMW, General Motors, Honda, and Toyota -- contains better and higher levels of additive packages to prevent engine deposits which can have negative impacts on engine performance and vehicle responsiveness.  When and where possible, The Tourmaster will choose Shell gas stations.


I have no professional driver training.  Can I keep up with the other drivers?


Keeping up with other drivers should NEVER be a concern for you.  The Tourmaster himself has no formal driver training of any kind.  Everyone drives at whatever speed they feel comfortable.  We always stay together as a group, and we regroup at every intersection.  So, there should be no concern about being left behind.   The Tourmaster will discuss this topic in greater detail at the Drivers Meeting at the start of the event.


May I get a copy of the maps beforehand or at least the name of a few of the roads?


As a rule, The Tourmaster does not disclose route information regarding the Stampede before or after any event.


What if I get lost or get separated from the group?  Will someone help me?


We stay together as a group throughout every event.  The Drivers Notes and maps should be detailed enough to prevent you from getting separated or getting lost and help you get back on the route.  The Tourmaster will stop to regroup at every intersection to ensure every driver is still with the group.  The support vehicle will also be looking out for every driver.  However, occasionally someone can miss a turn or make the wrong turn, and need help getting back on track.  The Tourmaster will make his and the support crew's cell phone numbers available to contact them at any time during the Stampede.


What if my car breaks down?  Can you help me get back on the road?


We will do our best to help in any way we can.  Make sure your car is in excellent mechanical condition (see the Participant Guide for some basic recommendations).  However, in the event you do have some mechanical or other difficulties, The Tourmaster, the luggage van crew, the support crew, and other drivers will be more than happy to assist in any way possible.


What if it rains during the Stampede?


The tour is a rain-or-shine event.  Even if it rains, we will still enjoy the roads, the scenery, the destinations, and each others' company.  Please note that The Tourmaster will always plan events during low-precipitation periods/season to minimize the chances of rain during our tours.

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