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SQ Esteban and Veronica.jpg

It's an exclusive event where you get to enjoy your car the way it was meant to be driven, and where you get to meet incredible like-minded people.  What makes it exclusive is that all of the drivers have been vetted ahead of time, and the Tourmaster is incredibly detail oriented and runs his events with safety as his #1 priority.

- Esteban M. (Austin, Texas)

SQ John & Sandi Wescott.jpg

The trip was amazing.  The planning and detail that John provides makes for an incredible experience.  From the roads he chose to the restaurants we experienced, it makes for a trip I will remember forever.

- John W. (McKinney, Texas)

SQ Mack Holland.jpg

I have had few experiences where the chemistry of the group was so positive.  Each time we all gathered for meals or in the bar everyone was engaged in the conversations.  The combination of being part of that and the exhilaration of the driving experiences made the whole trip priceless.

- Mack H. (Liberty Hill, Texas)

SQ Marcelo Vieria - couple on right.jpg

I have taken many riding and driving trips over my lifetime as it's one of the things I enjoy the most.  Some organized by me or other organizations and it's a very difficult thing to keep the group safe and having fun at the same time, especially since there are different driving styles.  John has masterfully achieved this balance of fun and safety.  Better than any other driving tour I have done.  An impressive accomplishment!  Everything is so organized and you can just show up, drive as fast or slow as you would like and then enjoy some great company.  It makes for a memorable event that is completely worthwhile.  Can't wait for the next one.  I will tell some friends.

- Marcelo V. (Austin, Texas)

SQ Geno Hildebrandt.jpg

I found myself smiling spontaneously during the drive.  There was no particular reason other than the feeling of being free and running along at speed, safely, with friends on the road.  I don't think I've felt anything quite like that for three decades.  I hope to do this again.

- Geno H. (Austin, Texas)

SQ Blake and Shana Herman 6.jpg

I think I always say about the same thing, but it's always true.  John's tours are the safest way to truly enjoy the speed and capabilities of our cars, and we thank you for organizing such great drives!

- Blake & Shana H. (Georgetown, Texas)

SQ John & Sandi Wescott 2 - couple on left.jpg

No way I could choose a favorite moment!!!!  Obviously, the time spent in the car driving and navigating on the most awe-inspiring roads ever!!!  Lunch and dinners at phenomenal places and meeting the most fascinating people!!!  The whole thing is top notch and John is just amazing at his job!!!  Wish we could do this every weekend!!!

- Sandi W. (McKinney, Texas)

SQ Greg and Tempa Herman.jpg

I enjoyed all of it - the great roads, friendships and food.  A very well planned trip.

- Greg H. (Georgetown, Texas)

SQ Blake and Shana Herman 7.jpg

It's just fantastic - the safest way to enjoy the full capabilities of your car.  Some of these roads are just absolutely incredible and so beautiful.  And then on top of that, wonderful meals and great people to spend time with outside of the car.

- Blake & Shana H. (Georgetown, Texas)

SQ John and Sandi Wescott 3.jpg

The trip was planned out to perfection, perfect roads, gas stop breaks, and accommodations.  The Tourmaster's experience and knowledge were a big part of the success of the trip.  The pace was spirited but you always had the ability to stay in the back when you were to take it easy.  The entire group were amazing people that I would call friends.  We will definitely join another event.

- John W. (McKinney, Texas)

SQ Blake and Shana Herman 2.jpg

All of John's events offer tons of great opportunities to enjoy your car the way it was meant to be driven and this one did not disappoint!  Also for us, we had never been to Colorado, and it was a great way to experience a large amount of the state over a relatively short period.  I really enjoyed the driving and the roads were fantastic, but I also liked that we made time to stop and visit major overlooks and monuments along the way.

- Blake & Shana H. (Georgetown, Texas)

SQ Esteban and Veronica.jpg

It was a luxury, high speed, mini road trip through the most beautiful settings I have ever seen in Texas.  The roads were thrilling, the Tourmaster was incredibly welcoming, the group was friendly, and the cars were very impressive.

- Veronica H. (Austin, Texas)

SQ MackSherri.jpg

If you love cars and people, you will not have a better experience than this at any price.

- Mack H. (Liberty Hill, Texas)

SQ Joe Razumich.jpg

This is the place to be, if you own a sports car and are willing and able to drive it the way it was built for.  Spirited, safe, fun.  Like nothing else I've ever experienced!

- Joe R. (Portage, Indiana)

SQ John Buass - on the left.jpg

The whole experience is literally like nothing else.  The combination of great cars, great people and great roads... well make the whole experience "great"!

- John B. (McKinney, Texas)

SQ Jennie Rosenblum 3.jpg

Around every curve was another awesome sight.  We traveled on roads that I doubt we would have discovered on our own.

- Jennie R. (Austin, Texas)

SQ LeonardAngela.jpg

If you like spirited driving, beautiful country, company of other people, then I think you would truly enjoy this experience.  It is a very organized and safe trip.  You can see the highlights of the beautiful state of Colorado.

- Leonard M. (Marble Falls, Texas)

SQ Joe Razumich 4.jpg

This event just rocks.  If you have a fast sports car, this is where you want to be.  For one week once a year, drive your car like it was built to be driven.

- Joe R. (Portage, Indiana)

SQ Thomas Greiser - on the left.jpg

Indeed, this was easily the best driving event I had participated in in years.  Well-organized, great people, an expert driver leading the way, the best Texas roads, and outstanding food and accommodation.  I'm seriously looking forward to whenever the next ride-out session is scheduled.  Can't really recommend it highly enough!

- Thomas G. (New Braunfels, Texas)

SQ Leonard and Angela 3.jpg

We have been on several trips with this group and we are hooked!  First class... great people, absolutely fantastic job by the Tourmaster... safe and organized.

- Angela M. (Marble Falls, Texas)

SQ Sara Yanoush.jpg

For those of us new to the Stampede, we were made to feel like family.  The drive was made that much more special by the people.  Everyone had respect for one another and their cars.  The attention to detail provided by The Tourmaster kept us safe and led us on beautiful scenic roads.

- Sara Y. (Austin, Texas)

SQ Greg and Tempa Herman 3.jpg

The Stampedes are so well organized.  I appreciate the Tourmaster's preparation before each Stampede so that we can just sit back and enjoy the roads.  Having constant communication via radio is also helpful for unexpected road conditions.  Being in the company of other car enthusiasts is also so enjoyable.  We've met some really great people through the Stampedes.

- Tempa H. (Georgetown, Texas)

SQ John Buass - in the center.jpg

The kind of fun and comradeship you'll look back on years from now and say "that was one of the best time of my life!" Enough said.

- John B. (McKinney, Texas)

SQ Andrew Czesznak.jpg

The Tourmaster's excellent preparation and organization work is irreproducible by amateurs.  This is intellectual fun which is materialized in the extremely well-detailed section itineraries focusing on maximizing the fun factor as well as the well-thought-out logistics.  A simple "thank you" or "highly appreciate" is simply not enough here.  All I can say is, the god of your choice bless you John!

- Andrew C. (Austin, Texas)

SQ Andres Olivarez 2.jpg

The Stampede has a unique way of creating unparalleled camaraderie.  There was an immediate unspoken governing conduct that allowed us to operate as a responsible and cohesive team.  The result was an exhilarating weekend of steep grades, sharp turns, and a healthy dose of comic banter that will keep inciting never-ending smiles.

- Andres O. (Houston, Texas)

SQ Bill & Kathy Albert.jpg

Fast cars, scenic vistas on winding roads, fantastic food, and even better conversation.  There is no other event that even comes close to The Raging Bull Texas Stampede!

- Bill & Kathy A. (Woodsboro, Texas)

SQ Rusty and Betty.jpg

If you love looking at beautiful landscapes and enjoy spirited riding/driving this is for you.  John's detail in planning is over the top.  He's amazing!  There's much more.  One of the best experience I've had.

- Betty W. (Austin, Texas)

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