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Embrace Life

It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while an ad transcends "advertising" and becomes a timeless piece of art which communicates an important message in a unique and completely unexpected way.  I believe this ad is one of them.  It provokes "a strong emotional response" in me every time I watch it.  It's majesty lies in its simplicity.

A Beer Ad Creates Classic 70s Car Chase... Without Cars

Australian bank robbers apparently know two things: where to go to steal Aussie dollars in Los Angeles, and that you don't leave the bar without your Carlton Draught.  It seems that what they don't know if which bars are crawling with police.  This present a challenge when, after the heist, they suddenly realize they're trying to enjoy a few pints with an entire precinct's worth of cops.

So the robbers in a commercial for Carlton Draught take off - with their beers.  The cops, equally reluctant to give chase sans brewskies, take off after them.  And since everyone knows you don't drink and drive, what follows is the classic post-heist car chase... with a twist.

Manuals Matter

Henry Catchpole explains why the manual is something to be treasured.  It is a proper celebration of the special connection a manual creates between the driver and car, passion and machine, soul and control.  Long live the manual.


Another short film from the BMW film series, The Hire.  This one features what The Tourmaster believes to be the best-looking four door sedan BMW has ever produced.

Do You Want to Just Live?  Or Do You Want to be Alive?

An electrifying commercial that will awaken the spirit of every driving enthusiast.

Just Listen to It

Over and over again.  It will never get old.  The Audi R8 V10 Plus.

The Greatest Driving Road in the World?  Porsche Boxster GTS on Majorca | EVO

What good is a sports car if you haven't got a great place to drive it?  It's a common refrain that we've heard time and time again.  But few are as familiar with the problem as they are in the UK, where the number of people, cars on the road, and traffic cameras keep growing to conspire against the joy of driving.  Leave it to Evo Magazine, then, to depart in search of the greatest driving road in the world.

It's a pursuit that's taken the British car mag across Europe, most recently to Romania's Carpathian Mountains where it added the Transalpina Pass to its short list.  But its latest journey has taken Evo to the Spanish island of Majorca, where Henry Catchpole found not one, but two spectacular driving roads from behind the wheel of the new Porsche Boxster GTS.  We could drone on about the smooth, empty ribbons of twisting tarmac with excellent visibility and panoramic vistas... but you want to see the video for yourself.

Remembrance of a Legend

Let me show you the best way to do this one:  Follow me, please.  First go home.  Then, finish everything you need to do tonight.  EVERYTHING.  If you have children, make sure they are all put to bed and sound asleep.  Turn off the TV.  Put away your phone.  Close your email.  Make sure that the only thing moving your house is the A/C fan.  Make sure there is absolute silence.

Go to your office.  Turn the lights off.  Sit in your office chair in front of your computer screen.  Put on a pair of headphones.  Bow your head for a moment of absolute stillness.  In your mind.  Unlock all of your emotions - open that door wide open.

Now watch the video.  And drift into another world.  Let the strings pierce your heart.  Let the woman's sad voice touch your soul.  Let the light, images, and engine sounds, especially the closing sequence, unearth the dreams, goals, and thoughts buried for so long in the hardened soil of your memories.  Let your imagination run wild.

I suspect for most of you this will be an interesting video about an awesome car.  But to a few it might reveal more than you might expect.  Did the dramatic images and music connect you to anyone or anything new?  Could you relate to anyone in the video?  The piano player?  The violin player?  The man on his cellphone?  The basketball player?  The little girl?  The driver?  The male voice (Ayrton Senna)?  Did the car represent anything more than a car?  It did for me.  I am curious if it did for you, too.

The Tourmaster

Apparently, Some Things Never Change

Ricardo Patrese casually driving around track in a Honda Civic Type R with his wife.  

It's Hard to Rent a Car Sometimes

Jerry Seinfeld is renting a car, but things don't go smoothly.

Everybody Hurts

This is one of the most disturbing and moving traffic safety videos I have ever seen.  It was prepared by Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, Australia in 2009 as a retrospective of road safety campaigns produced by TAC over the past 20 years.  The focus of this montage is the often tragic consequences of drinking and driving and the wide span of people it hurts.

When Pulled Over by a Cop, Always Tell the Truth

But this is going too far.

Aston Martin N430 on Scotland's Greatest Driving Road | EVO Great Drives

Evo's resident tall bloke Henry Catchpole is here to tell you why Scotland's Old Military Road is probably the best place to drive the more focused but still very livable Aston Martin N430.  The Queen comes up there all the time... probably for the same reason.

I mean, where else can you blast through a national park on a variety of roads without any interruption apart from some sheep and deer you have to watch out for?  What other place is so accessible yet beautiful enough to make you stop repeatedly to get out of your supercar just to give the view a moment to soak in?

These roads from the nineteenth century have the tarmac, the length, the width, the curves, the straights and the cold air that makes your engine come alive.  They are simply perfect.

How to Replace Your Blinker Fluid

Make sure you share this with your friends so they don't get ripped off!  Learn how to change out the blinker fluid in your car or truck with this easy-to-follow how-to video!


Introduction:  The BMW film series, The Hire was a series of eight short films (averaging about ten minutes each) produced for the Internet in 2001 and 2002.  A form of branded content, all eight films featured popular filmmakers from across the globe, starred Clive Owen as the "Driver", and highlighted the performance aspects of various BMW automobiles.

Give a Shift

A meaningful public service announcement.


And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need a caretaker."  So God made a farmer.

God said, "I need somebody willing to get up before dawn, milk cows, work all day in the fields, milk cows again, eat supper, then go down to town and stay past midnight at a meeting of the school board."  So God made a farmer.

God said, " I need somebody willing to sit up all nigh with a newborn colt and watch it die, then dry his eyes and say, 'Maybe next year.'  I need somebody who can shape an axe handle from a persimmon sprout, shoe a horse with hunk of car tire, who can make a harness out of hay wire, feed sacks and shoe scraps.  Who, during planting time and harvest season, will finish his 40-hour week by Tuesday noon and then, paining from tractor back, put in another 72 hours." So God made a farmer.

God said, "I need somebody strong enough to clear trees and heave bales, yet gentle enough to yean lambs and wean pigs and tend the pink-comb pullets, who will stop his mower for an hour to splint the broken leg of a meadowlark."

It had to be somebody who'd plow deep and straight and not cut corners.  Somebody to seed, weed, feed, breed, and brake, and disk, and plow, and plant, and tie the fleece and strain the milk.  Somebody who'd bale a family together with the soft, strong bonds of sharing, who would laugh, and then sigh and then reply with smiling eyes when his son says that he wants to spend his life doing what Dad does.  So God made a farmer.

Spoken by Paul Harvey

"This Dodge RAM commercial shown during Super Bowl 2013 is simply a work of art which brings tears to my eyes and will always resonate with me.  It is a truly gracious and stunning tribute to the work ethic, resourcefulness, and character of the American farmer.  RAM hit it out of the park with class and honor."
The Tourmaster

Who Can Forget This Ad

VW always-memorable Jetta commercial from 1999 to the tune of Master Cylinder's Jung at Heart by Peter DuCharme.

Why You Shouldn't Drive Slowly in the Left Lane

For safety, efficiency, and peaceful driving on public roads, let's all follow this simple rule:  Stay right except to pass.  Thanks.

Requiem for a V10

In Henry Catchpole's words: I love the Carfection gives us the freedom to do things like this.  It's not conventional and it always feels like a bit of a risk because you can't put 'review' in the title, but I think it's worth doing.  Big pat on the back to Charlie for making another rambling idea (it started with the music this time) come to life.

It matters where you park your car.

Mustang Race

An impressive short film of some impressive cars from an unexpected place.  Audio quality is very good:  Use of earphones or high quality speakers recommended for best experience.  Great choice of song for music.

A Holiday to Remember

The best part of the holidays is the memories, the ones we make and the ones we reminisce.

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