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The Tourmaster has always focused on creating the safest driving experiences without taking away the fun and thrill of driving our cars the way they were designed to be driven.  Therefore, the following requirements have been instituted:



The Tourmaster has the right to deny anyone's application and attendance for any reason at any time before or after an application has been received and/or accepted by The Tourmaster, including any time leading up to the start time of the tour.  Individuals known by The Tourmaster or the car enthusiast community at large to be unsafe drivers may NOT be allowed to participate in the Stampede and other driving events organized by The Tourmaster.  Unsafe drivers will be asked to leave the tour at any time for any reason.



The Stampede is open to sporty and sports cars of all makes, models, and ages.



Each vehicle will be required to have their vehicle inspected at a shop of their choice and have a Technical Inspection form completed by a qualified technician.  The Technical Inspection form will be provided to you by The Tourmaster after your registration is complete.  Completed forms will need to be submitted to The Tourmaster by the start of the event.  At event check-in, some cars may be inspected by our own technician to verify the accuracy of reported results on the submitted Technical Inspection forms.  You will thank The Tourmaster you had a Technical Inspection done after discovering the workout and stresses your car will endure.  This is for your safety and the safety of those driving near you.  This will also help you avoid having a mechanical breakdown or parts failure during our road trip.

Your car must pass the vehicle inspection and have a valid Technical Inspection on or before the event check-in.



At the start of the event, all tires on each participating vehicle will be inspected to ensure they meet the following requirements:


-  Street tires (other-than-competition tires) only

-  D.O.T. legal tires only

-  Treadwear rating (UTQG) of 100 or higher

-  Minimum 4/32" of tread depth at three points across each tire (this is strictly enforced)

-  No shaved tires


Your car's tires must pass the tire inspection during the event check-in.



Given the nature of this event, the timely communication of road hazard information between drivers contributes greatly and is critical to the safety of the participants.  Therefore, each participating car will be required to have one functioning FRS/GMRS radio.  In addition to the safety aspect, radios also contribute greatly to your driving enjoyment by allowing you to listen to and participate in the usual humorous automotive banter and entertaining conversations that go on throughout each day's drive.


Your radio must pass the radio check during the event check-in.

Most radios are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased from big box electronics stores like Walmart and Best Buy.  There is no need to buy the most expensive one as they all tend to perform the same in mixed terrain.  If you want a serious (high power) radio for a good price, the Tourmaster highly recommends this radio.  It is an 8W handheld radio [For comparison, all commonly-used FRS/GMRS radios are limited by the FCC to 0.5W].  It has a good range and audio quality.  This radio is popular with many regular BOAR Run and Stampede veterans and driving enthusiasts in other car clubs.  The Tourmaster owns three of them and has been using them for years without trouble.  The radio is sold individually (unlike low-power radios which are sold in pairs).  You really need only one radio for drives (as long as you remember to recharge it before each drive).  The price is a good value for the performance you get.  Check out the accessories, too.

Please note that this radio requires manual programming of radio channels (which is NOT intuitive or easy for most people).  However, there is a way to clone existing radios, and this can be done for a small fee.  If you want one of these radios but don't want to worry about programming it, The Tourmaster can purchase one and upload all 22 FRS and GMRS channels for you.  The new radio will be assembled, charged, programmed, and ready for your use at the start of the event, and you can take it home afterward with its original box and accessories.  To select this option, make sure to add it to your payment at the time you register.

Full Disclosure: The Tourmaster has no formal or informal relationship or interest with the distributor, BaoFeng Tech.


No alcoholic beverages are allowed on or near the driver and passengers while the vehicle is in motion during the event.  Alcoholic beverages may be transported ONLY in the trunk or anywhere outside the reach of the driver and passengers while a vehicle is in motion.  Cars may be inspected for compliance at any time during the event.



Virtually all cars in stock form have moderate noise levels.  And many sports cars sound absolutely amazing.  But, no matter how good a car sounds, if it's too loud it becomes obnoxious and can ruin the driving experiences for many people near the offending vehicle including neighbors near and far.  If it's bad enough, it might even attract unwanted attention from law enforcement which is something we don't want.  To avoid ever having a problem, cars suspected of or being reported as being excessively loud will be subjected to a static noise test during check-in as shown in the diagram below.



- Measurements will be made outdoors with no large reflecting objects (e.g. walls, other cars) within 10 feet.

- Three sound measurements will be taken at a distance of 20 inches from the end of the exhaust pipe with the microphone at an angle of 45 degrees with the exhaust outlet and at a height of 24 inches above the ground with the engine running 1,000 rpm below redline for at least one second.  If at least two of the three measurements are not below 105 db the vehicle will be disqualified.

Rarely has there been a problem with excessively loud cars during events, and The Tourmaster doesn't expect anyone to have a problem with this.  However, if you've ever been told that your car is too loud - you know who you are - you should test it.  If your car has ever been black flagged for being over the noise limit at any track, it will probably fail this test.


If selected, your car must pass the noise test at event check-in.  Owners of disqualified vehicles will not receive a refund of their Registration Fee and/or Safety Deposit.



Given that good driving habits are mostly the result of good sound judgement and driving experience, all licensed drivers (and passengers who are eligible by their State to be legal drivers) are required to be at least 25 years old.  This rule was established based on the nature of the event and experience at previous Stampedes.

- The primary reason that the rule above applies to both drivers and passengers is because The Tourmaster has no way of controlling who is driving a particular car when there are two or more licensed people in a vehicle.

- An exception may be made for a driver younger than 25 if at least two officers of any official and legally recognized car club can recommend the driver younger than 25 as being a safe and responsible driver.  Please contact The Tourmaster via email to inquire about information which would be required in such a recommendation.  Depending on the age of the driver and other circumstances, the driver younger than 25 may be expected to possess many years of experience in motorsports such as high performance driving events (HPDEs), auto-crossing, or some other type of road racing.

- Unlicensed children 17 or younger may be allowed to attend as passengers.



As part of the registration process, all drivers and passengers will be required to provide a scanned copy of a valid driver's license and proof of automobile liability insurance coverage.



Each participant (driver and all passengers) will be required to provide a signed liability waiver provided by The Tourmaster.



Payment of Registration Fee and Safety Deposit must be made in advance at time of registration.


The Tourmaster reserves the right to deny or revoke anyone's application and attendance for any reason at any time before or after an application has been received and/or accepted by The Tourmaster, including any time leading up to the start time of the event.  Unsafe drivers may be asked to leave the tour at any time for any reason.

If you have a question, please email The Tourmaster directly at

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