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THE ULTIMATE DRIVING EXPERIENCE requires the best roads.  For The Tourmaster, the best roads must have the best road surface quality, the most curves, the greatest elevation changes, the best scenery, and little-to-no traffic.  Period.  Every Stampede has been designed to maximize these features.  And no one does it better than The Tourmaster.

The Tourmaster has spent hundreds of hours researching and personally driving thousands of miles of roads in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to find the best roads and to create THE ULTIMATE DRIVING EXPERIENCE at every Stampede.  Every mile, every overlook, every attraction, every restaurant, every stop, and every destination has been scouted and meticulously planned in advance, unlike any other road trip you have taken.  All you have to do is show up and drive your car like it was designed to be driven.


The Tourmaster pays special attention to road surface quality and has strict criteria for which roads are included in each tour's route.  He absolutely hates bumpy road surfaces, road debris, loose road surface materials, and roads in poor condition because he wants a comfortable driving experience for all and doesn't want our cars damaged in any way.


All roads along the route are asphalt roads; we will never travel on non-asphalt road unless absolutely necessary due to the uniqueness of a situation or destination e.g. a special lodge or a short driveway.  When possible, he will always choose a smooth hotmix surface over a less smooth and louder chip seal surface.  The Tourmaster makes the best effort to choose the nicest and cleanest roads.

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