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TOUR #112





1,230 MILES





- Colorado's most famous roads and mountain passes

- 155,000 feet of elevation change

- Best hotels and lodges at every destination

- Most highly-rated restaurants

- Luggage van

- Private Parking

- Overnight vehicle security

- Professional photographer

  and much more - see list of features below


1.    Leonard & Angela                       2021 McLaren 720S Spider

2.    Ranga                                           2022 Porsche 911 GTS

3.    Dave & Denise                            2018 Porsche 718 Cayman S

4.    Chuck & Barb                              2022 Porsche Cayman 718 GTS 4.0

5.    Karl                                               2017 Ford Shelby GT350R

6.    Guermillo                                     2020 Porsche 718 Spyder

7.    Blake & Shana                             2020 BMW M240i Convertible

8.    Joseph                                         2004 Corvette Convertible

plus The Tourmaster

TOTAL COUNT:  13 Participants in 9 Cars


The Raging Bull Colorado Stampede is intended to bring together enthusiasts

who have a passion for driving their cars the way they were designed to be.

It is designed to be the most thrilling and challenging yet safest

driving event in the United States.

The entire week is organized for you.

All you have to do is show up ready to drive and have a great time.


The Ultimate Driving Experience 33022 3.jpg


1,200-mile driving tour covering Colorado's most famous roads, mountain passes, and attractions

PLUS some roads and attractions known only to locals

Led by The Tourmaster who has led 111 tours in 18 years

All-inclusive, nine-day, nine-night tour

Every mile, every overlook, every attraction, every restaurant, every stop, and every destination

has been scouted and meticulously planned in advance

Unmatched camaraderie

The experience of driving the most famous and scenic roads in Colorado

The unforgettable thrill of more than 155,000 feet of elevation changes

We may even get to enjoy peak fall colors during our journey

For beautiful views, we will slow down and take it all in

For breathtaking overlooks and shots, we will stop and absorb the incredible moments

When the roads get twisty, we'll speed up and carve every corner

It will be the most memorable automotive adventure and vacation of your life.

Some of the best accommodations in every town

(including two mountain lodges and one historic hotel)

The most highly-rated restaurants

Luggage Van will transport all your luggage, tools, spare tires, and anything

PLUS separate support vehicle will follow our group

Your luggage will be placed into your hotel room in advance of arrival every day

Private parking at every destination

Hand car wash will be available at the end of every day (optional)

Off-duty police officers will guard our stallions from dusk 'till dawn every night

Helicopter tours will be available (optional)

Jeep and ATV off-roading tours will be available (optional)

A professional photographer will capture our most memorable moments

A dedicated six-car enclosed trailer has been secured for vehicle transport from

Austin, TX to Colorado Springs, CO (optional)

Dedicated gallery for everyone to share photos and videos

High-power radio in each car for safety and banter

Detailed drivers notes and maps

An absolutely unforgettable road trip.





Veteran BOAR and Stampede participant Rusty Smith, Owner of Torqqe Performance, will gift one lucky winner a choice of:  A touchless custom wheel alignment, dyno test, Pre-Purchase Inspection (each valued at at least $250), OR a $250 Discount Tire gift certificate.

In addition, Rusty and Torqqe Performance have offered every registered Stampede participant a free Technical Inspection.





Start Location:  Colorado Springs, Colorado

Drive Route:  Will be provided to drivers every morning.

Arrival at Hotel:  By 4:30pm every day after a fun day of driving.

End Location:  Town in Colorado (TBA to registered participants only)

Day 1 | Friday, September 23 | Sightseeing in Colorado Springs

AM:  Get-together with early arrivals, car preparation, trip preparation (ATTENDANCE NOT REQUIRED)

PM:  Relaxed tour of famous attractions in and around Colorado Springs (ATTENDANCE NOT REQUIRED)

4:00 PM or Earlier:  Check in to historic hotel

4:30 PM:  (MANDATORY) Stampede check-in at hotel, roll-call, vehicle inspection, Welcome Dinner at the hotel, radio test, Drivers Meeting, Post-Dinner Social

Day 2 | Saturday, September 24 | Drive Day

Drivers Meeting, Group Photos

Ladies and gentlemen! Saddle up! Start your engines! Let's ride the Raging Bull!

An amazing driving adventure awaits us as we cruise on hilly, twisty, and scenic country roads to one of the most famous landmarks and views in Colorado.  Lunch will be followed by traversing of two of the highest Colorado mountain passes.

Arrival at Hotel:  By 4:30 PM (or earlier) every day after a fun day of driving.

Day 3 | Sunday, September 25 | Shorter Drive Day

We will enjoy one of the best roads in Colorado for fall colors and visit amazing overlooks unknown to outsiders.

Early arrival at destination will allow exploring town before check-in.

We will stay for three nights at a beautiful mountain lodge with amazing views.

A parking garage has been reserved to protect our stallions.

Day 4 | Monday, September 26 | Drive Day

Today we will embark on a driving adventure on an iconic and jaw-droppingly scenic deserted road in Colorado.  You will wonder how this road has remained a secret for so long.

Day 5 | Tuesday, September 27 | Rest/Exploration Day

Enjoy the day at your leisure exploring one of the most famous towns in Colorado and nearby landmarks, attractions, hiking and biking trails, and ATV and Jeep off-roading opportunities.

Day 6 | Wednesday, September 28 | Drive Day

Today will be another adventure along the second most famous and scenic road in Colorado.

Our overnight destination is a scenic mountain lodge reserved for the Colorado Stampede participants only.

Day 7 | Thursday, September 29 | Shorter Drive Day

Lazy morning; late departure from mountain lodge will allow us to enjoy the lodge and surroundings a little more.

Arrival at another famous Colorado town by noon for an outdoor lunch followed by exploration all afternoon and sunset views at an iconic Colorado overlook.

Day 8 | Friday, September 30 | Shorter Drive Day

Lazy morning; free time to explore town all morning; departure after lunch.

Early arrival at destination to unwind and prepare for riverside dinner.

Day 9 | Saturday, October 1 | Shorter Drive Day

Saved some of the best for last:

An amazing driving adventure encompassing the most beautiful mountain pass in Colorado and spirited run across the range.

Intimate lunch at a special restaurant.

Cruise along the most famous road of Colorado to one of the highest peaks in the state.

Early arrival at historic hotel.

Good-Bye Dinner.

Hang out and fellowship by the cars.

Enjoy a great night of rest.

Day 10 | Sunday, October 2 | Return Home

Breakfast at hotel, final good-byes, loading up cars into trailer, depart at your leisure.

If you have a question, please email The Tourmaster directly at





Driver Only: $XXXX + PayPal fee = $XXXX

Driver & Passenger: $XXXX + PayPal fee = $XXXX

You are welcome to save a few hundred dollars by mailing a check.


Driver Only: $XXXX ($XX less than paying with PayPal)

Driver & Passenger: $XXXX ($XX less than paying with PayPal)

During registration, please specify if you would like to pay by check so that we can send you a mailing address.

Compare the price of the Raging Bull Colorado Stampede to two well-known and well-established companies offering tours in Colorado here (which includes a car to drive) and in Utah here.

The Tourmaster believes that The Raging Bull Colorado Stampede:

costs less than HALF the tours listed above

-  has MORE drive days and drivetime

-  has MORE destinations

-  offers a much better driving experience (pace, route, and program), and

-  has many MORE valuable amenities such as dedicated photographer, overnight security, and luggage/equipment van


If you would like to stay an extra night before the tour (Thursday night), add $X.

If you would like to stay an extra night after the tour (Sunday night), add $X.

NOT INCLUDED in Registration Fee: The cost of car rental, vehicle transportation, flights to/from event, gas and other any other personal expenses.


Former Participant: $XXX ($XXX is refundable)

   If you are one of the 30+ people who already have a Safety Deposit on file (you know who you are), send only $XXX.

First-timer with referral: $XXX ($XXX is refundable)

First-timer without referral: $XXX ($XXX is refundable)



-  Motivate participants to be present on-time at the mandatory check-ins, vehicle inspection, radio check, and drivers meetings and arrive equipped with a working FRS radio.

-  Motivate participating drivers to complete the Stampede by following all the driving rules outlined in the Participant Guide.


Every participant who follows all the rules listed here and elsewhere (see above, Participant Guide and Terms & Conditions) will receive A FULL REFUND OF THEIR SAFETY DEPOSIT.  Please read the Terms & Conditions regarding the Registration Fee, Safety Deposit, refunds, cancelling or transferring your registration, and many other topics.


Car transport is the ideal way to keep miles off your car and save time.  A dedicated six-car enclosed trailer has been secured for vehicle transport from Austin, TX to Colorado Springs, CO.  This service is optional and not included in the base registration fee.

The estimated cost of transporting a car in an enclosed trailer by a reputable and insured car transporter will be about $3,000 round trip.

To secure your space on the trailer, please add:

$XXX (=$XXX + PayPal fee)(if paying via PayPal) or

$XXX (if paying by check).

If the final cost of car transport per car is more or less than $XXX, the difference will be credited or requested from each driver.

If you are not in Austin or Texas and would like a recommendation about which car transport company to use, please contact The Tourmaster at


with 22 FRS/GMRS channels pre-programmed:  $85

The Tourmaster will purchase this radio brand new and program all 22 FRS and GMRS channels for you.  The new radio will be assembled, charged, programmed, and ready for your use at the start of the event, and you can take it home afterward with its original box and accessories.


Are you interested in using the car transport from Austin to Colorado Springs?
Are you interested in daily car washes? Please note that you don't have to use this service every day.
Will you and your passenger need seperate beds? This may require seperate rooms at some hotels. Additional pricing will be provided.
Do you wish to upgrade to a deluxe/premier room where available? Additional pricing will be provided.
Would you like to purchase a pre-programmed high-power radio from The Tourmaster for $85? Please remember to add this to your total.

Thanks for registering. See you there!




Send Registration Fee and Refunable Safety Deposit (and fee for optional pre-programmed high power radio if you desire).  Also include payment if you want to reserve your spot on the enclosed trailer for car transport.



-  Request mailing address by writing to

-  Mail your total payment via personal check, money order or cashier's check to address provided to you.



The Tourmaster will confirm receipt of your registration and payment via email.  Your information will be used strictly for purposes of organizing this tour only.  You will need to email The Tourmaster a scanned copy of your driver's license and automobile liability insurance card as well as a signed copy of the liability waiver.  The Tourmaster will email you the liability waiver after receiving payment and registration information.


Get yourself and your car ready for THE ULTIMATE DRIVING EXPERIENCE.

If you have a question, please email The Tourmaster at



Group Size:  Will be limited to 16 cars to maximize the enjoyment and safety for everyone.

Weather Conditions:  This tour is a rain-or-shine event.  Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further details.

Registration:  Required in advance.

Terms & Conditions:  Please read the Terms & Conditions regarding the Registration Fee, Safety Deposit, refunds, cancelling or transferring your registration, and many other topics.

Driving Directions:  Details drivers notes will be provided at every Drivers Meeting.

Decals on Cars:  Never.  Nothing touches the paint on any car.

Costumes and Silly Outfits:  None.

Models in Risque 'Clothing':  NO.

Creating Scenes, Loud Noises, Traffic Jams, Attracting Attention From The Public and Police:  Never.  We operate below the radar.  We treat locals and everyone we come into contact with with respect and courtesy.  The only reactions we seek are smiles and thank yous.

Booze, Heavy Drinking, Crazy Parties, Nightlife:  Not a chance.

Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners:  All dining arrangements have been made in advance.

Accommodations:  All hotels have been arranged in advance.  Please see Accommodations section for further details.

Support Vehicle:  Will follow the group and assist anyone who needs help or experiences a breakdown.

Overnight Vehicle Security:  Off-duty police officers will keep an eye on our pride and joy while we sleep.  There may not be an overnight security when we park in an enclosed/gated garage.

Gas and Restroom Breaks:  Have all been planned where necessary.

Photographer:  A professional photographer will capture many of the best moments of our adventure together.  All photos will be available for download free of charge.

Photo and Video Gallery:  All photos and videos from the Stampede will be uploaded to this gallery.  You will be able to upload your own photos and videos to this gallery, too.

If you have a question, please email The Tourmaster directly at

auto transport 1 2.jpg



Car Transport:  Car transport is the ideal way to keep miles off your car and save time.  This service is optional and not included in the base registration fee.  If you'd like a recommendation on which car transport company to use, please contact The Tourmaster at

Rent a High-End or Exotic Sports Car:  If you don't want to drive your car to the start location or transport your car and you would like to drive a high-end or exotic sports car, The Tourmaster can help you find one.  You can choose from a variety of late-model sports including a Porsche 911 and Boxster; Nissan GT-R; Mercedes Benz SL-class; BMW M2, M3, M4, M5, and i8; Corvette, Jaguar F-Type; Maserati Quattroporte GTS; Cadillac ATS-V; Ford Focus ST; and Mazda Miata.  If you're interested, please contact The Tourmaster at




Do you want to do something special for your fellow participants?  Gift them something they will remember for a long time.

If you own a company or know a company that would make a good gifter, please tell The Tourmaster.

There are big and small ways you can do something for one or many or all the participants.

Buy drinks, a few appetizers, or dessert for the group at dinner.

Give away an Amazon gift card.

Fill someone's gas tank at one of the breaks.

Do something unexpected and extraordinary.

You will likely receive a greater reward from giving than the recipient of your gift.

If you want to something extraordinary, write The Tourmaster directly at


MLT 4 E.jpg



Knowing it is high season and the peak of color change in Colorado during September, a block of rooms has already been booked at some of the best hotels and lodges in the towns our journey will take us, including two mountain lodges and one historic hotel.  The full itinerary including the towns to be visited and hotels reserved will be revealed to registered participants (who request to know) one week before the event.  (Most participants prefer not to know so it is a surprise every day.)

Rooms have either King, Queen, or Double Queen beds, depending on the location.  Please note that some hotels do not have Double Queen bedrooms, so if you and your passenger want separate beds, you will need an additional room at those hotels.  You can specify your preference during registration.  At every hotel, where available, a suite or higher has been reserved, but quantities are limited.  Early registrations will receive choice of the higher class rooms reserved.


Upgrades to deluxe and premier rooms are available at some hotels and will be available at others if and when new rooms become available (hotel will notify us).  Please specify during registration if you desire to upgrade to a higher class room.

Your luggage will be placed into your hotel room in advance of arrival of every day.

Hand car wash will be available at the end of every day (optional).

Private parking has been arranged at every hotel.

Off-duty police officers will watch over our pride and joy and keep away strangers every night from dusk 'till dawn (except where cars are parked in an enclosed/gated garage).




​Above are the average dates for peak fall colors across Colorado!  The leaves start to change color first in mid-September across the northern mountains, and slowly spread down the state through the middle of October.  Fall colors in Colorado are breathtaking.

Other Details
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